Welcome to our Kookie Drop!

Here at Miracle Milkookies we take the quality and freshness of our Kookies very seriously! To ensure that you receive the freshest cookies possible when they arrive on your doorstep, we bake and ship our Kookies fresh on Tuesday's. But when mama needs more milk, she needs more milk, so we're now excited to offer a weekly Kookie drop! All boxes set aside for today's drop will ship out to your doorstep tomorrow! 
For the freshest Kookies possible, place the freezer ready Kookie pouches directly in the freezer where the Kookies will stay fresh for up to 6 months!
Please note: we only have a limited quantity of fresh baked Kookies available to ship. Once we sell out of the inventory in our drop, the sale ends. Every week we'll be back with a new drop, so be sure to subscribe to our emails and follow us on Instagram @miraclemilkookies for updates!

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