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our story

Hi! My name is Whitney Rowell and I'm mama to Stella, age 2, and Charlotte, born August 2017. After giving birth to Stella, I was having a really hard time keeping up my milk supply. Apparently my baby needed a lot more food than my body could initially produce. I was frustrated, but didn't want to switch to formula...

I pressed on and incorporated pumping into the routine before and after feedings. Slowly but surely my milk supply increased. Unfortunately, my tiny baby was still hungry ALL THE TIME and I could only pump up to 2 ounces per 45 minute sitting. Several very frustrating and tearful days later, a girlfriend texted me and said she left some lactation cookies on my doorstep. Lactation cookies? I had no clue what they were. I googled and discovered that a lot of women use them to help increase milk supply. I thought, why not? So I tried one. The following morning, I began my normal pumping/feeding routine and was astonished when I produced 8 oz of milk in just 30 minutes. I was so proud of myself I thought about freezing the 8 ounces of milk and keeping it as a trophy of my accomplishment. Instead, I used the milk to feed my baby as I scoured the internet for ways to make these miracle cookies at home.  

The Lactation Cookie recipe I came up with is similar to my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, the only difference is the addition of the brewers yeast and flax seed. The lactation cookies not only tasted great, they worked even better than the ones I initially tried. I posted the recipe to my blog and my Pinterest page and immediately started getting feedback from hundreds of women who said the cookies were working for them as well. I eventually added a survey to my blog asking individuals if they would prefer to have the cookies shipped directly to them without having to track down all of the ingredients themselves. Two out of three people responded by saying they would prefer to have the cookies delivered.  Who has time to bake anyway? 

I hope these cookies work as well for you as they have for me and the countless other women who have discovered the Miracle that comes from Miracle Milkookies.

Happy feeding!