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  • “I’m also SO thankful for Miracle Milkookies! I had several doctors/nurses tell me I would likely have low supply because I have PCOS. I did everything to try to combat that and took Kookies with me to the hospital. I’ve eaten them every day since my son was born, and we have had an extremely successful breastfeeding journey!”

    Lauren Dietrich

  • "These are actual Miracle cookies. Every single nurse that's seen me has praised my milk supply, saying I'm days ahead of the 'norm,' and one literally just told me they've never seen somebody pump so much colostrum!"

    Hannah Morrison

  • "I had 25 week twin girls that I wasn't able to hold for the first 3 weeks of their lives. I was told making enough milk in this situation can be a challenge. Miracle Milkookies helped my supply stay consistent and strong to provide enough milk to feed both girls. They have also helped me stock up for the future when they'll be eating much more!"

    Norell Rydberg

  • "These cookies are SO delicious and my supply went up every time I ate one! I would recommend them to anyone who needs a little boost!!"

    Tory Foster

  • "It's been really tough for me having to exclusively pump for my newborn that's in NICU and I've been trying everything. I had him at 23 weeks so I'm trying to keep my milk flowing because I know that breastmilk will get him home faster. I've seen an increase in my supply after eating these cookies and my children think they are yummy too!"

    Jazsma Echols

  • "Other lactation cookies are usually dry and taste 'store bought' but the Klean Kookies are just next level in my opinion!"

    Lenae Hamman

  • "Breastfeeding was SO important to me. Being a nurse and learning about all the amazing benefits for baby and mama just made me want to be able to do it even more! My birth plan did not go as I hoped. I had to have a c-section and I wasn’t allowed by the doctor to have skin to skin.... the nurses and pediatrician kept telling me that my baby wasn’t gaining enough weight and that I needed to supplement with formula. I felt defeated. I wanted this bond with my son. I wasn’t ready to give up but I knew we needed some help. A friend recommended these Kookies to me and I jumped right on it because who doesn’t LOVE cookies?!? I started eating 2 of these everyday and we are thriving! I recommend these to every new mama now!

    Stephanie Genova

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