Our Story

Hi! My name is Whitney and I'm the mama behind Miracle Milkookies. I first learned about lactation cookies when my friend dropped them on my doorstep after having my first baby in 2015. I honestly had NO idea what a lactation cookie was, but I did know they really helped me...

I googled lactation producing ingredients and learned that oats, yeast and flaxseed seemed to be the magic milk-boosting combo. I added yeast and flax to my go-to oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe, a recipe I created years before that family and friends always loved. I made the cookies and couldn't believe how great they still tasted, plus I was making SO MUCH MORE MILK!! I posted the recipe to my blog (that only my mom read) and called it 'The Miracle Milk Cookie,' which I have taken down, but i'm sure you can find it somewhere :)

I initially planned to only share the recipe with friends, but over time I realized so many other mom's who discovered the recipe were benefitting from the cookies, so I decided that I might as well turn this into a business. I set up a website and started delivering the cookies to mama's doorsteps in Dallas in the summer of 2017.  Fast forward to August 2018, we finally found an amazing kitchen to bake our cookies (I was baking every single cookie out of my house up to that point!) and that same month, we started shipping to mama's everywhere!

The best part about this company is that our kookies have helped so many moms and even more babies.

I'm so excited to give your family a little boost too!

P.S. if  you want to try Miracle Milkookies, use code 'MoreMilk' at checkout for 15% off your first order! xo